Death & Disease


Being Killed

Your character dies when your health is reduced to zero. At this point, your soul decides that it can not longer tolerate the damage and pain which your body is going through, and departs its shell of skin and bone. Once your body is dead, your soul takes the form of an ethereal ghost. Death is not permanent within the lands of Elysium, for the gods have decreed that they will grant life back to those who have died, although some gods demand more in return than others.

When you die, a spiralling portal of light will open up, beckoning you within. You are not forced to enter the tunnel, for your soul can exist as a ghost for a time, although during this state, you cannot interact with the physical world. If you wish to regain your flesh and enter the tunnel however, type 'enter tunnel', and you will be taken to the Court of Judgement.

The way you have lived your life since last dying will determine which god comes to your aid. If you have lived a somewhat pacifistic life, then Alaric will send one of his servants to gift you a healed body. Whereas should you have lived a life of butchery and murder, you will gain the attention of Gralnak or a fallen angel instead.

For every two people who you kill which are considered weaker than you, according to 'consider', you lose one lesson upon death as a penalty. In addition to this, the gods will take a lesson, and a portion of your fame as repayment for healing your body. Gralnak and the fallen angel take more fame than Astarot would.


The Holy Isle

Once you have received a new body, you will be returned to Elysium upon the Holy Isle. You will find that many of the conditions which you suffered from in your last life have been cured, and that a ferry will be waiting to take you back to your home continent. If you do not belong to a city, you will be taken back to one of the continents at random. To board the ferry type 'board ferry'.



It is rumoured that within Hades there lives an invisible, parasitical demon which is able to break through the boundary between its world and Elysium. These demons focus in on the cities of the land upon their escape, and attempt to take over the body of those it finds within. Many tales of people who have overcome such possession attempts tell of how a brief stroll through the countryside have helped in fighting these parasites, possibly through the help of the elemental magical forces of the land.

Possibly the most feared aspect of these demons, should you believe in this theory, is that they are able to give birth to equally vicious demons, and plant their children in other mortals which are in close proximity.