First Steps


Character Generation

Your Name

Each new player in Elysium has a few important choices to make before they can even begin their adventures. The first of these is to select a name. Your name is the moniker by which other players will know and call you, and as such great care must be taken when selecting it. The name must also be suitable for the setting of Elysium; Medieval fantasy names are best, but more normal names would also be accepted. Examples of names which would not be accepted, and therefore you might have to change if you selected one, are futuristic, rude or silly, for example, Cyberjet, Bumboy or Naughtymage would all be rejected by the gods, and you would be asked to change your name if you chose them.

Your Password

This is another very important choice for you to make. You should select a password which will not easily be guessed by others, and which you yourself will be able to remember. You may not be able to access your character if you do not have the password. The only way to get your password reset is to record an email address against your character and ask the Administration to send you a new password to the address already attached to the character. You should never disclose your password to others, especially other players of Elysium. You are never obliged to give your password to anyone, no-matter whom.

Your Race

Another very important aspect, the selection of your race can lay down the foundations of your time in Elysium. Not only will you be born into the city founded by your particular race, and most likely surrounded by other members of the race from an early age, but also many will judge you purely on your race. It would take a very strong willed and able orc to convince a colony of elves to take the orc into their care and friendship. Details of each race can be seen by typing 'help <racename>' on the screen where you select your race, but I will also provide a few brief details about them here;

The Elves are a group of tall humanoids who live mostly in the forests of the southern continent. They are generally dextrous, agile and attractive as a people, and tend to become interested in the arts of the rangers, clerics and magi of the land. They are generally conceived of as a good and noble race, but some of their number choose the side of evil, becoming dark elves. Personality wise, the Elves are a little arrogant, believing that they, as the first race placed on Elysium, are the chosen of the gods.

A relatively recent arrival in Elysium, the Humans were brought to Elysium from another plane by the god Astarot. Generally strong in body and heart, a skilled Human can turn his hand to almost any task. For most of history the other races have looked upon them as serving the side of goodness, but much of Human society has its roots in neutrality, and many Humans bear the dark seeds of evil, which wait patiently for the day when they can sprout and corrupt the noble heart of their host.

Often overlooked in the legions of light, the Dwarves are doughty warriors one and all. Though not often dabbling in the magical arts, many Dwarves practise complex feats of creation, from mixing volatile potions to forging mighty weapons, and many of their constructs are tinged by magic, worked into the materials by the loving and patient hands of their creators.

Although often dismissed as ugly, brutish, thick-headed individuals, this is not strictly true of the Orcs. Although today, many of the once proud orcish people have degenerated into violent warriors, who lust only for war and the delights of the fight, they once stood proudly amongst the other races as honoured knights and clerics. However, when they turned upon the other races, given the choice of destroying the Hakarren or siding with them, the Orcs were consigned to exile from the other races, and begun their slow spiral of degeneration. Occasionally an Orc will rise above the curse put upon their race by the sneering of the other races, and show the incredible strength and durability of these people in battle.

Often wrongly associated with the Orcs as half-brother races, the Goblins are small creatures with dark green skins. Like the similarly sized Dwarves, the Goblins are often overlooked in the battles between good and evil. Whilst the Goblins tend not to directly attack and engage others in battle, their incredible agility and sharp wits can prove an essential asset. Many an opponent has underestimated the guile of a Goblin, and not lived to tell the tale.

The Spawn
A recent arrival in the lands, the Spawn are demons bound to the mortal plane by an ancient curse. Suffice to say, when describing their ferocity and aims, that they are very similar to their demonic brethren. Known for both mighty warriors and master sorcerers, the Spawn are feared across the land.

The Cyclops race lives mostly on the northeastern continent of Elysium, and each and every member of the race has amazing strength and power, their huge muscled bodies requiring little training or exercise to release this power. Usually taller than most other races, with bulging muscles, dark green skin and a single eye, usually blood red or sickly yellow, a Cyclops can be a formidable opponent.

The Specter race was born out of the mighty Hakarren, insectile beings of great strength, power and mental ability who ruled Elysium through force and fear for many centuries. The overly successful Hakarren were twice cursed by the gods however, when they saw the race was destroying the hearts and souls of the other races. Thus, after many an ordeal, the Specters were born into Elysium, withered, ethereal beings only a shadow of their former selves. With their strength and endurance sapped by these ordeals, the Specters turned to the arts of dark magic, and now many of the worlds most notorious evil mages hail from the Specter capital.

The Hamakei are small, almost birdlike humanoids who always appear aged, even when young. The second race to set foot upon Elysium, the Hamakei have made up for their relatively weak physical stature by developing great magics and powers. The first to experiment with magic, and the most competent with it, to attack a Hamakei is often a perilous event. Though many Hamakei do develop greatly devastating and warlike spells, they are seldom used; most of the race is peaceable, and will usually only strike in self defence or defence of another.

Your email address

You can register your email address with Elysium during the creation process. Doing so means that you may receive free updates and information about Elysium, but the primary use for registering your email address is to allow the game administration to reset your password if you request this in the future. If you do not wish to receive any information, or do not have an email address, you may enter 'none' instead.

Your Gender

Although it has little bearing on your capabilities, your gender is important none the less, as it will directly affect the way other people view you and react to your acts. In Elysium you may choose to be born as either male or female.

First Steps

When you first enter Elysium, you will be placed in a dreamscape which forms a basic introduction to the key commands and concepts you will need to understand to play in our world. This also gives you an opportunity to delete and recreate your character if you want to choose a different race, or to regenerate your random description if you want a particular look. Once you enter the game proper you won't be able to change race or description, and you'd need to choose a new name if you wanted to restart - But if you are already happy with your choices and familiar enough that you don't need this introduction, you can skip it by calling for your guide by typing 'guide'.

The Guide

Each new adventurer in Elysium is intersected by a guide, who they can either dismiss, or follow and learn from. Not only does the guide provide essential information to a novice player, but can also lead them to the city academy, where the novice can learn more and earn rewards by performing simple tasks. Should you lose your guide, type 'guide' to call for him.

The Academy

Reached either with the aid of their guide, or through diligent exploration of your city, the academy is an essential stopping point on the road to greatness. Many new students will choose to just follow the main storyline of the academy, which will help you explore the world a little and continue to teach you the concepts of Elysium, in particular introducing you to many important NPCs in your home city; However there are a number of optional quests that are also part of the academy which will teach you not only about Elysium, but also teach you some starter skills that will give you a head start in the world.

The City

You will take your first steps towards becoming a legend in your home city. It is wise that you stay inside the safety of the city walls for a little while before venturing out, although beware that many enemies may still lurk in the streets, despite the relative safety. While you are exploring your city, you might find it useful to look at a rough map of its streets, which can be called by 'help <city name>map'. So, for example, if you lived in the Human settlement of Karinthia, you would type 'help karinthiamap' to see the map of the city. During your exploration, you may come upon fellow citizens, who may be willing to help you if you ask them politely. To see which of the players in the land are part of your city, type 'cwho'. You can also use the 'positions <city name>' command to see the rulers of your city, who are almost certainly going to help you if you require assistance.

Choosing Your Path

Many choices lie ahead of you as you draw nearer to ending your time as a novice, and becoming an adventurer in your own right. Although it is not mandatory, most people will choose to join a guild to get started with building their skills. Guilds are the best source of skill learning, though it's possible to build your own selection of skills without joining a guild - And no guild will give you a full set of six core skills, so at some point you will need to diversify. However to begin with, joining a guild with a tutor in or near your home city will let you start developing your abilities, so it is very much a recommended step. You can see a list of guilds by typing 'guildlist' which will also give you instructions for joining the guild of your choice. In addition to joining a guild, you should also consider whether you want to join one of the religious orders of Elysium, and perhaps talk to members of your cities government if you would like to get more into the economic side of Elysium.