Every action you carry out could potentially have an effect upon your relationship with each of the cities in Elysium, or the demons of Hades. The Emperors of each of the cities may also choose to favour you, or condemn your actions. This will have a large effect on how you are viewed by the citizens of the city they rule. Should you have a very bad relationship with a city, the Emperor may choose to pardon your actions, such that the city thereafter views you indifferently. By being favoured, you will gain benefits when dealing with them, whereas being disliked may result in a very hostile welcome.


Viewing Your Current Standing

To see where you stand with each of the cities, or Hades, type 'relations'. You will be shown how each city (and Hades) feels about you. The following are the possible feelings that Karinthia might have, from the worst to the best possible relation:

Karinthia despises you.

The citizens of Karinthia are wary of you.

Karinthia is indifferent towards you.

You are welcome in Karinthia.

You are well liked in Karinthia.


How Your Standing Effects You

Should you be well liked in a city, you will be treated kindly by the population of that city, and citizens will be able to view your status of liked by typing 'rwho'. Despised people are also shown on 'rwho'. You will also be charged differently in shops depending upon how the population thinks of you. Below is a table showing the possible relations you might have with a city, and the price you would pay for an item which has a 100 gold price on it, where the discount set by the city is 10%:


Relation Price You Pay (gold coins)
Well Liked 80
Welcome 90
Indifferent 100
Wary of You 110
Despised Will not sell to you

As a side note, if the city you belong to is at war with the city you are attempting to purchase goods from, you will not be served by the shop keepers of that city.


Seeing Those Well Liked or Despised

Let's say you are a member of Thul'mar, and wish to see those players online that are at the extremes of the relations system. You can do this by typing 'rwho'. It will list all those who your city likes, and those it despises:

Thul'mar despises Laslo

Thul'mar despises Teris

Cambion is well liked in Thul'mar


Altering Your Relations

Much of how you can improve or destroy your relations with a city is common sense, but here are a few possible methods:

  • Killing a city enemy of Karinthia will improve your relations with Karinthia.
  • Killing a citizen of Olbaron will lower your relations with Olbaron.
  • Killing a Minister, or the Emperor of Ruk'tan, you will lower your relations greatly with Ruk'tan.
  • Killing a citizen of Aronsol, where Tylorus is friendly towards Aronsol, will lower your relations with Tylorus.
  • Killing a citizen of Szagan, when Aronsol is at war with Szagan, will improve your relations with Aronsol.
  • Gaining favour with the Emperor of Karinthia will improve your relations with Karinthia.
  • Being condemned by the Emperor of Thul'mar will lower your relations with Thul'mar.
  • Being pardoned by the Emperor of Szagan will result in Szagan being indifferent towards you, if you were previously less than indifferent.