The Alias System


Unless you are a remarkably fast typer, you may feel that many of the commands in Elysium are too long to type in the heat of battle, or on a frequent basis. Therefore, an alias system has been implemented which allows you to substitute these commands with a word of your own.

Setting Up a New Alias

To set up an alias type 'setalias <one word alias> <commands it executes>'. Here are some examples of possible aliases:

'setalias st struggle'

The alias above sends the command 'struggle' to Elysium whenever you type 'st'.

'setalias swe swing elenuial'

Multiple words can be executed when you type your alias, as in the above example. If you were to type 'swe', you would send 'swing elenuial' through to Elysium.

You cannot, however, send multiple commands to Elysium through aliases. For example, the following is not possible:

'setalias walk n s e w s u in'

Nor can you set up an alias which overrides an existing command. Therefore the following is also not possible:

'setalias smile smile cloudi'


Removing an Alias

If you set the above alias 'st' for 'struggle', you can remove it by typing 'setalias st'. The general form of this method is to type 'setalias <alias you wish to remove>'.


Listing Aliases You Have Set

If you wish to see a list of all the aliases that you have set, type 'aliases'. The above aliases set would be listed like follows:

st struggle

sw swing elenuial