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One of the original three Gods of Elysium, alongside Zharadan and Nectanebus, according to most legends Astarot was the first deity placed into Elysium by the Creator, sent to provide spiritual guidance to the people of the world, which at that time is widely considered to be just the Elves and the Hamakei.

Over time, Astarot became known as a pure and benevolent being promoting strong morals. In particular [[Knights|Knights Guil]d] would join his order and fight evil in his name. He was particularly beloved of the Dwarves, and similarly hated by the Hakarren, whom he weakened alongside Zharadan.

Though the details have been lost in the thousand years since the Human race entered Elysium, it is widely known that Astarot was the cause of their entrance into the world - Whether he actually created them or brought them from another of the Creator's worlds is a matter of theological debate.

Shortly before the dawn of the modern Era, Astarot's forces suffered numerous defeats in battle against the forces of Gralnak and Delvanea, causing him to retreat into a mortal form, later identified as the mortal named Raku.

Once discovered, he returned to his place in the pantheon, but soon after this he was called away by the Creator to serve in another plane of existence.

The god Alaric was sent to lead the cause of righteous justice in Astarot's absence.