There are two types of dimensions in the universe of Elysium; The first is that which Elysium itself falls into - worlds created by the Creator. These include Elysium, Hades and the third dimension, known by some in Elysium as Gralnakia. Theological lore about the Creator suggests that he went on to create many other worlds, but as these are the two closest to Elysium, these are the only ones which can be reached by and existed within by natives of Elysium.

The other type is sub-dimensions; fractured slithers of worlds which have been created by divine powers or great magicians, which are generally much smaller and simpler than full dimensions. These could range from featureless voids to tiny recreations of Elysium. Most of the sub-dimensions accessible by the people of Elysium are thought to be pieces of Elysium split off to form the additional dimension, though some of them appear to be pieces of Hades. There is some belief that dimensions accessed by divine power, such as the one where the Hakarren were banished to, may be direct creations of the Creator which were not evolved into full worlds, though this assertion is debated.