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[| AL Mud Client] A free and easy to download client that has an automapper, manual mapping, edit box, customizable buttons, aliases, actions, hotkeys, replacements, highlights, delay timers, variables, math and logic commands, stacking, speedwalking, ignore lists, arrow keys, customizable fonts, ANSI color, and more. GUI version for Windows and console mode version for Linux.

[| BIM Telnet Client] Home of open source software created by BIM. The BIM Telnet Client is an application written using java only. Features include: Aliases Triggers(trigger a pattern of commands and even notify other open characters within the applications context so that those characters can act as a trigger) Patterns(execute multiple commands with one simple command) Communicate with other characters in the application context(control multiple characters with one interface) Map grids and save them in persistant storage. These grids can be used to send notifications to other characters in the same context to seek a grid location(both characters must be using the same grid). Another bonus for the grid map is that a search can be done on text that is retrieved from the server. If a match is found then a pattern is executed. Open source

[| Clio MUD2 Client] - Clio is a client designed specifically for use with MUSE's MUD2, which is direct descendant of Trubshaw & Bartle's original MUD. However, it can also be used as a standard telnet client for any MUD. Features include ANSI colour, full colour logging in HTML, sound effects, scroll back buffer, definable function keys, local command editing, command history, autologin, and MUD2 player status display. Clio runs under Windows, Linux, and Unix.

[| Frontier Mud Mapper] - You like text based adventure games, but find it hard to know your way around? Try Frontier Mud Mapper! A MUD client designed SPECIFICALLY for Frontier... Frontier is a medieval based LP that offers: * an original town layout with over 6500 rooms * three (3) full-fledged guilds * eight (8) custom built races * an established set of twenty-four (24) quests * limited player-killing for those that desire it * friendly, helpful staff * open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installing the Frontier Mud Mapper get's you onto Frontier right away. The Mapper lets you: * map your way around as soon as you create your character * Direction Icons on a huge grid show your room's exits * Identify important rooms with Legend icons (church, shop, etc) * save multiple maps for different areas * Link maps together just by walking into rooms * Stackable commands * Unlimited aliases * Assignable Hot Buttons for quick-click commands Our soul motive is to see more of you on Frontier. No gimmicks. Just great mudding fun.

[| Mudlet the //MUD client//] Mudlet is a freshly-minted //MUD client//, designed to take mudding to a new level.</span>

[| MUDMaster iOS App] - An iOS MUD client with a number of advanced features, including macros & triggers, status bars, multi-command and repeat-command support, external keyboard support, tons of customization options.

[| MUSH Client for Windows] - Informational page about Nick Gammon's MUSH Client, a MUSH/Mud client for 32-bit windows (Windows 95 and Windows NT).

[| MUSHclient] - MUSHclient - a fast MUD client for Windows. Written in C++ for high speed. Has 500,000 line scrollback buffer, remembers last 5,000 commands entered (can be recalled sequentially or by searching), aliases, triggers, timers, keypad- navigation, speed-walking, auto-say, scripting, ANSI color supported, user-defined font and size, user-defined macros, spell checking, built-in editor, logging, copy/paste, printing, multiple worlds can be opened. Supports MXP, MCCP. Now supports plugins written in VBscript, Jscript or Perlscript to extend your MUD experience.

[| MudMaster] - The client is 32bit only (win95/NT). It runs in the win32 console mode which makes it quite a bit faster than any GUI client around. It supports actions, aliases, macros, variables, events, gags, highlights, arrays, lists, ANSI color. Site to site chat allows the private talking of players, transfer of files and transfer of scripts.

[| SimpleMU Home Page] Client with most standard functionality and additional MU* features. //SimpleMU// is a Winsock-based client designed for connecting over the Internet to a MUD game server.

[| Zugg's MUD Client (//zMUD//)] //zMUD// is the fastest and most versatile MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows, with over 50,000 registered users