Rajier Yoder

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Born as the second son Rajier had a tougher childhood than his older brother Seijuro as his father vowed not to raise another womanizing son. Rajier grew up working as a butcher, but with his spare time spent fishing and playing the guitar in the seas outside of Tylorus.

Later in his life Rajier became a demon master, always seen in the company of these creatures or shrouded by some demonic artifact. This questionable relationship left many to wonder what price has he paid to gain such a standing.

Although his dealings with demons is the majority of what people see, Rajier follows a strict code of honor that was drilled into his childhood and reinforced through many years serving in The Demonic Knights. While any bargains or favors granted by Rajier may not be in the best interest of the asker or what they expected it to be, they will always be honored.

Rajier on the plague of Demonology:

"The darkest secret of demonology is that it draws upon the very power of the demons themselves. To use this power, to cultivate it, is to increase the power and influence of the demons. Those who know this magic are also known to the demons, and if they become too arrogant with it they can be alternately slain by the demons just as easy. With the spreading of this magic the demonologist gets a glimpse, a tantalizing taste of the demonic power. They tast, they like it, and they want more."


Spouse: Linara Yoder

Siblings: Seijuro Yoder, Tidas Yoder, Queran Yoder, Hudsonz Yoder, Rainbow Daskiven

Children: Arya Yoder, Anya Yoder, Mira Beranlal, Caljier Yoder, Verana Yoder, Livia Yoder, Lyrion Yoder, Nayiri Yoder, Koreth Yoder, Toreth Yoder

Grand Children: Caunio Beranlal