n the centuries past, they ruled the world with an iron fist. No-one takes a Specter lightly. Before their imprisonment, when they were called the Hakarren, they had outposts all over the realm. Known for their superior magic, the Specters are now living within their fortress to the north. Specters do not have much in the way of a physical form, making it difficult for their people to fight hand to hand with great effect. The Specters have always used the cutting edge in technology for their weapons, something which accounted for most of their victories. The Specter capital city is Thul'mar, and they share their continent with the Cyclops. The patron of Thul'mar is Silathis, Master of Pain. (Specters are for players who wish to play arrogant characters, and also wish to be into the magical arts. Conquering is the name of the game for the Specters, to rebuild the lost empire.)