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In Game Description

Survival is the skill of living off the wilderness, minimising your contact with cities and industries by eating and drinking only what you can catch or forage.

Beware that though some survival abilities can be nothing but a benefit to you, one who shuns the cities entirely and lives only on their survival skills will find life harder than those who choose a more civilised path.


There is a Wilderness roamer on the roads outside of at least one city on each continent.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Chargriller Cook carcasses more efficiently on campfires.
Easysleeper The ability to sleep when you aren't so tired.
Firestarter Build hotter campfires with less wood.
Honeyspread Treating honey to make honey spread. 12
Makecloak Fashion a rough cloak from furs. 12
Makeslippers Fashion rough slippers from fur. 12
Riverdrink Risk drinking water from rivers or lakes. 24
Roastfish Cook fish commodities over campfires. 3
Rodfisher Catch more and larger fish when rod fishing.
Scrumper Scrump fruit faster and more effectively. 3
Soundsleeper Increased tolerance for uncomfortable beds. 6


Survival is a common skill and has no affect in the magical/physical balance.

Survival is a common skill and doesn't qualify for any higher skill.

Special Notes