In Game Description

A skilled cook can make more complex and fulfilling dishes than an amateur chef, and a master chef can make anyone feel as if they are eating food prepared by their own mother.

The more abilities you learn in cookery, the more recipes you will be able to memorise, and as you learn new cooking techniques you will be able to make some basic dishes without recipes, using the cookery command. Many recipes cannot be cooked by someone who has not learned the techniques required via the cookery skill.


The tall elven chef in the south-east of Tylorus is the tutor for Cookery.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
barbeque Utilise barbequeing techniques when cooking. 3
deepfry Cooking foods in hot oil without disaster or injury. 6
ingredients Recall the preparation process of a memorised recipe. 0
kneading The methods behind kneading and breadmaking. 6
memorise Commit recipes to your memory. 0 It will cost 3 lessons and 3000 coins to begin to learn cookery, by learning 'memorise'. This will give you both 'memorise' and 'ingredients' abilities.
pasties Correctly filling and crimping pasty shells. 3
polarian Adding spices that remind people of Polarian cities. 15
occidian Adding spices that remind people of Occidian cities. 15
orienese Adding spices that remind people of the cities of Orien. 15


Cookery has no effect on the physical/magical balance.

Cookery is a common skill and has no prerequisites or higher skills it qualifies for.

Special Notes