Elderly elven stall keeper


This elderly elven man has a gentle smile on his face, and a reassuring air about him, like he was someones loving grandfather. His hair is white as snow, and neatly trimmed, and laughter lines are clearly visible on his face, indicating a long and joy filled life. He wears neat but plain brown clothing, and cradles a small white kitten in his lap. There are various animals either tied to the stall or sitting in small iron cages around it.

'listpets' to see what pets are currently available.

'buypet <id>' to buy one of the pets listed.

'buyfood cheap/good/expensive' to buy petfood.

(Cheap petfood costs 100 coins, good petfood costs 200 coins and expensive petfood costs 400 coins.)

'sellpet <id>' to sell back a present pet for 25% of its original value.

'viewpet <id>' to view a pet in the shop.

Elderly elven stall keeper is in excellent health.


Various places inside the cities.


Type of Creature NPC

Does not leave a corpse

Other known attributes

Sells pets and pet food to players

Combat Abilities

Is a nonkillable npc.

Equipment and Loot

This creature does not use or wear any equipment and does not engage in combat.

Special Notes