In Game Description

Forging is the skill which allows you to take an inanimate block of metal and shape it into the weapon or armour of your dreams.

Before you can start forging properly, you'll need to make a mold suitable for the purpose.

Type mold form <item-type> to make a mold.

You'll then need to mold work <mold> until the mold is strong enough for the type of metal you want to put in it. Gold and silver require the weakest type of mold, while steel and sivrite require the strongest type, and the other metals come somewhere in between. The length of time you'll need to work on a mold until it is strong enough depends on the item type as well as the metal type - It is much easier to get a mold strong enough for making a knife than it is for making a suit of platemail. More advanced forgers will also find they need to spend less time making the mold stronger than unskilled forgers do.

To forge an item, type forge <item-type> from <metal-type>. If there is insufficent metal or other required materials present, you will be informed. The weakest mold which meets the requirements of the item will be destroyed during this forging.

Once forged, an item is not yet useable - it still needs finishing. This is done by use of the command finish <item>, and can take a few minutes. During that time, any action taken by you could disrupt the process and prevent you completing the item.

As a side note, different metals have different affects on your final product, and so weapons and armour made from certain metals will be more effective than those made from others. Ask a fellow forger or experiment if you are unsure which metals would suit your purpose best.


This skill group is taught by the [The Demonic Knights]] and Artisan's Guild.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Axe A single bladed axe. 3
Battleaxe A double bladed axe. 14
Breastplate Armour to protect the torso. 7
Broadsword A sword with a wide blade. 7
Chainmail Armour made of tiny chains. 14
Dagger A sharply pointed dagger. 2
Flail A collection of chains used for thrashing. 3
Gauntlets Metal gloves to shield the hands. 0
Greaves Shin protection. 2
Halberd A long handled axe. 7
Helm Armour to protect the head. 3
Knife A crude knife. 0
Longsword A long bladed sword. 3
Mace A bashing impliment. 2
Platemail All-over protection from injury. 54
Repair Repairing damaged armour. 85
Sabre A gently curved sword. 26
Shield A shield to wear on the arm. 3
Shortsword A short bladed sword. 2
Spear A wooden handled spear. 2
Vambraces Armour to protect the arms. 2
Warhammer A large flat headed hammer. 7


Forging is physical in the magical/physical balance.

Forging qualifies for the Arts&Crafts higher skill.

Special Notes