The Hakarren were one of the earliest races to be created in Elysium by the Creator.

Stronger and more intelligent than most of the other races, as well as being magically gifted, the Hakarren were almost destined to take a place of leadership, and soon spread their influence across the entire world, forming an Empire which spanned all three continents.

Eventually the Hakarren were banished by the god Astarot as punishment for their constant attacks on the other races of Elysium. They were trapped in a sub dimension by this banishment, unable to access Elysium.

After centuries trapped in this way, the Hakarren were discovered by the Humans, who had not been present in Elysium before Astarot's banishment of the older race.

The Hakarren were wily and tricked the humans into releasing them, and an artifact granted to the humans was used to achieve this end.

However the process was discovered and stopped by the gods, leaving many of the Hakarren still trapped in the sub-dimension, while those who had managed to make it back into Elysium were strained by both the process and the time spent in the other dimension; They were physically much weaker than the Hakarren of old, and became known in Elysium as the Specters.