Hudsonz Yoder

Hudsonz Yoder is an immigrant from another realm who traveled to Elysium with his brothers Rajier, and Queran. His first job was given to him by that of Emperor Darkfly, harvesting vegetables. Soon after he obtained access to his first industry, a well.

Hudsonz was interested in the magical arts, as he used to be what is called a tank from his previous realm, so he joined the Devotees under Lostsaint. He was required to obtain a shop, and also have 10,000 coins in a bank account to be let into the guild as a full member. He and his brothers worked hard to save up the coins to put into the bank account.

Along with the magic which he desired Hudsonz grew into becoming a farmer, learning riding, and also herding prior to moving to Gralthar. His first position as a minister was that of Minister of Justice under Sirine. He was charged with finding and confronting the previous Minister of Justice. When he found him on a ship an attempted to attack him Hudsonz lost brutally, getting his skull broken.

Since then Hudsonz has held every type of Ministerial position and has ruled two cities, Gralthar, and Vagla.