In Game Description

The fruit of years of a warrior's labour, this skill reveals the finesse of a well-trained fighter. Weathering damage better, naturally healing faster and enhanced strength are all benefits of mastering the body through this skill. Pure mastery makes an already formidable fighter into a force to be reckoned with due the enhanced resistances, even to death.

The skills are all generally usable by just typing their name. If any alternate method of activation is required, typing the name will explain more.


Physical is taught by the elderly adventurer. These trainers can be found on each continent.

The amount of coins needed to learn each ability is lesson cost * 1000.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Extrapower Increases your physical force. 20 Will not stack with herbalism
Extrastrength Allows you to carry more. 40
Recuperation Faster natural healing. 60
Resist Resist death itself. 100
Resistance Reduces all damage. 80


Physical requires a 54 lesson ability in 3 skills that qualify as Physical skills.

Special Notes