In Game Description

This skill is birthed from a deep practice in the arcane arts and allows the mage to study the essences of magic and theories relating to mana conduits. With enough insight, the mage will develop a keen mind that retains mana more effectively, gathers it from the atmosphere at a faster rate, and even allow them to draw on both their mana and health in emergencies. The skills are all generally usable by just typing their name. If any alternate method of activation is required, typing the name will explain more.


Puremagic is taught by the elderly adventurer. These trainers can be found on each continent.

The amount of coins needed to learn each ability is lesson cost * 1000.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Fluidic Use mana to speed up your body. 80
Greatmind Improve your mana potential. 20
Highermeditate Increase meditating speed. 40
Lifeforce Cast spells using your life energy. 60
Manadraw Sustain dead flesh with living mana. 100


Puremagic requires a 54 lesson ability in 3 skills that qualify as Puremagic skills.

Special Notes