Ship Construction

Ship construction

To go sailing you will need access to a ship. A friend may give you access to theirs, but if you find you want one of your very own, you'll need to get one built for you.

Ship construction is most commonly done by a minister of your city.

The ship must be constructed within the port of the city.

If the city does not have a port then the ship must be constructed by a member of a city that does have a port. Aronsol, Gralthar and Szagan do not have ports to build ships. They are inland cities.

A minister of the city or Emperor can assist you with building a ship. Other people may also be able to assist you with building of a ship if they have been given special privileges by the Emperor of their city.

A special type of ship, the raft, can be built by anyone

The following is a list of construction materials needed for ship construction:

If you do not have access to these materials you must speak to a minister in the city of which you would like to have the ship built. Often times they will be willing to sell you the ship of your choice.

Clipper - You need 100 planks, 20 cloth and 10 rope to build a clipper.

Caravel - You need 100 planks, 20 cloth and 10 rope to build a caravel.

Frigate - You need 400 planks, 60 cloth and 25 rope to build a frigate.

Galleon - You need 500 planks, 80 cloth and 35 rope to build a galleon.

Man o War - You need 650 planks, 90 cloth and 45 rope to build a man o war.

Merchantman - You need 200 planks, 40 cloth and 15 rope to build a merchantman.

Trawler - You need 100 planks, 20 cloth and 10 rope to build a trawler.

Raft - You need 10 wood and 3 rope to build a raft.