In Game Description

Spellstaves is an artificing skill allowing the caster to embed magical spells into a weapon, most commonly a staff, so that the spells can be released when the weapon strikes an opponent, greatly enhancing the effect of the blow.

A starter in this skill will only be able to view the spells embedded in a weapon, or recharge a spent weapon created by someone more skilled, however as you progress you will learn how to prepare staves as spellstaves, and how to imprint various spells into them.

More skilled artificers will be able to make devices which can contain more charges, or even multiple spells, as well as being able to prepare a wider variety of weapons as spellstaves.

Once a spellstave has been created and charged, it must be activated with the command 'spellstave activate' while wielded before it will release its spells. The strike must be made soon after the spellstave is activated for it to work, and activating a spellstave without then striking an opponent will waste a charge.

Lesser skilled artificers will only be able to make spellstaves which can be activated by other practitioners of Spellstaves, but as you progress you will be able to unlock the ability to prepare items for use by others too.

Be warned - Spellstave enchantments are permanent. Once a weapon has been prepared or imprinted it cannot be amended, and you cannot replace the preparation with alternatives. If you have a particularly prized weapon you should wait until you have the best combination possible before preparing that weapon as a spellstave.


Spellstaves is taught by the NPC Ankor Shellum in Thul'mar. It is an out of guild skill.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Staffview review spell enchantments in staves and weapons 3 lessons and 3,000 gold Initial skill
Recharge renew the energy of exhausted spellstaves 0 comes with Staffview
Prepare prepare a staff for imprinting spells 3 lessons and 3,000 gold type notes here
Shock imprint a spell which causes energetic damage 3 lessons and 3,000 gold type notes here
Potency increase the effects of spellstaves you are wielding 3 lessons and 3,000 gold This ability is used automatically


Spellstaves is magical in the magical/physical balance.

Spellstaves qualifies for the ? higher skill.

Special Notes