In Game Description

With the skill of taming, you can learn to pacify and mount the wildest of beasts in Elysium's countryside. In addition, as your skill grows you will find yourself better able to conduct melee combat and archery whilst mounted.

To bring a wild animal under your control, use tame <name>, if you have been trained in taming those particular creatures. Note that you cannot tame animals already tamed by another.

Be careful about crowding your animals however, as if overcrowded they may start to attack each other, or even you, in an attempt to get themselves more space. In general, try to keep the number of animals in any one place down to about a dozen or so.

Once an animal has been tamed, you can mount it. When mounted, animals are not so likely to wander around of their own accord. Animals you have tamed can also be ordered with the order command.

Riders can also order their mount to graze, if in suitable terrain. This will cause their mounts to spend a little time recovering from harm whilst feeding.

Riders may also, if on a suitable mount, use the mountfly <player> command to order their mount to fly to a target.

Tamers have the special ability to teach the riding skill, even if they do not know the riding skill separately from the taming skill. If you have the relevant taming skill for the types of animals which can be ridden using riding, you can teach the relevant riding ability with the following commands;


Taught by:


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Ponies Handling ponies. 0
Donkies Handling donkies. 0
Mules Handling mules. 2
Horses Handling horses. 2
Cows Handling cows. 2
Camels Handling camels. 2
Shirehorses Handling shirehorses. 2
Oxen Handling oxen. 2
Bulls Handling bulls. 2
Stags Handling stags. 2
Buffalos Handling buffalos. 3
Mammoths Handling mammoths. 3
Kinglizards Handling king lizards. 3
Giantcrabs Handling giantcrabs. 3
Snowwolves Handling snowwolves. 3
Blackwolves Handling blackwolves. 3
Mountainlions Handling mountainlions. 7
Giantworms Handling giantworms. 7
Dragonserpents Handling dragonserpents. 7
Gianteagles Handling gianteagles. 14
Train Training animals to be loyal to others or better in battle. 14
Giantsandworms Handling giantsandworms. 26
Wyverns Handling wyverns. 54
Animalcall Call tamed animals to your side. 85


Taming is physical in the magical/physical balance.

Taming qualifies for the Arts&Crafts and Nature higher skills.

Special Notes