Adventurers Guide

The adventurers guide to Elysium

Securing Funds For Your Exploits

A set of equipment, a sea worthy vessel, and provisions are needed for any good adventurer. With a multitude of ways to earn coins you will soon have your cache of wealth ready to fund your many adventures.

Selling Commodities to Cities

The tradesman is a friend to anyone looking to make their coin from selling commodities. He brokers the prices the city is willing to pay for various commodities.

  • Hunting
Tried and true hunting is the most reliable, albeit sometimes slow method of gaining coin. Carcasses are a resource that is always in demand, though not very high paying.
  • Woodcutting
A woodcutter's axe is required to start this venture, but trees are plentiful throughout the lands of Elysium and cities are willing to pay for wood. When cutting trees be sure to pick at least 10 seeds and replant the grove you are cutting down.
  • Fruit
Fruit takes time to grow and is only available on fruit groves. Picking it is easy enough and some cities are willing to pay for this form of raw food.
  • Beehives
Beehives can be found in the wild on all three continents and are the only source of wax and honey. Wax is used in candle making which isn't covered in this guide, but honey can be sold to some cities for a premium price. Beehives take a while to regenerate their resources so this isn't a good constant income source.
  • Fishing
Fish is normally in demand by most cities, but can be rather slow paced. Fishing in rivers requires a fishing rod and enough fish to be caught to make a barrel of fish. Fishing at sea requires a ship of course and a fishing net. Fishing at sea is much quicker, but isn't a viable option for those starting out.

Part Time Work

These jobs are available at various times and pay a base hourly wage. Coins are deducted from that wage when you fail to perform the job properly. These jobs are also a way to earn swap items which you can see using the swap command. Apply for a job the hour before the shift starts.

The morgue pays 200 coins per hour. The shift starts at the 20th hour and lasts until midnight. Your basic job will be to process corpses through the morgue, passing them to morticians and porters as necessary.
The kitchen pays 200 coins per hour. There are two shifts available from 9-13 and 14-18. Your basic job will be to bake and have goods available for the customers.
This stables is about tending to horses. You will have to work quickly as the head stableman is very demanding. He is either returning a horse or wishing for a horse from the stalls. You can apply for shift at any time day or night. It is fast pace and very much fun to do.


This puzzle consists of finding the correct order in which to add vials to a cauldron. You will be rewarded with 350 coins upon completion.
This hut is hidden in the plains of Polaris. A number of challenges await any explorer wishing to earn a reward from the locked safe inside.


You will have 6 sides to form a cube. There is the front, back, top, bottom, left and right. You have 10 runes that you placed into those slots of the cube. The runes are rectangle, star, triangle, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, oval, diamond, circle, square. This is time. Once you place on rune into the cube the ticker begins. If you fail to get the cube together in the allot time period, the cube will explode causing you injury. If you succeed you will be rewards 500 coins. Good luck!
You will be tasked with finding the combination of levers that have to be pulled to open the safe. The wrong combination could result in harm so tred carefully. You will be rewarded 600 coins for completing this puzzle.
Different crystals can be bashed loose from the lodes located here bringing in coins ranging from 150 - 250 coins per crystal depending on the type.
On the spear studded grass Ugnolok Wugnosh challenges anyone to beat his personal best throw of 100 paces. You must wield your spear and greet Mogcrag Ziggadag to start this challenge. If you manage to throw further than 100 paces you will be rewarded with 200 coins.


  • Dragon Table
This puzzle is maybe one of the most difficult puzzle so if you have the time, this is a fun one to figure out. You have directions. By moving the stones you align the stones to move the table. If you get a move on the table, you have a few maybe like one or two correctly placed. As you move the stones about, more active messages appearing giving you hope that you are going into the right direction. This is not time. You can spend as long as you wish in there or until your candle or lantern burns out. It is dark inside this mound and so you will need a light source to see what you are doing. From the few times, I have done this puzzle, you are listening for a humming noise. This means you are on the right track and soon coins will be yours. Good luck! This one is fun and frustrating!
  • Treasure Cave
There is a crack on the rock face. You can try to reach in with your hands and grab some treasure. However, that never seems to work as well as it sounds. So you have to use the crowbar to lift away the rock. You slide the crowbar upper, middle and lower. Upon using the crowbar, you will budge the rock so you can get into that tight spot and grab the treasure. There is powder which is something I always go for when the crowbar won't budge the rock but sometimes, most times, it does quite a bit of damage. Don't be scared to use a little powder and see if you can budge that crack open a bit more so you can slide your hands inside the crack.
  • Maze
This one is interesting. You move about this maze when feeling the ground move and you feel dizzy. You are in search of a glass key for the chest.
  • Tomb Robbing


These boards are located in the taverns of the cities. Tasks are listed here for budding adventurers. The pay is dependent on the task available.
  • Goblet Game
This is more gambling than a guaranteed payout, but listed here for the more daring adventurers. Located in the tavern of each city, you can bet coins and pick from one of three goblets. If you select the goblet with the gold piece you win. One of the goblets contain poison making this game potentially fatal.
These will appear in cities that have good economies. They ask for various crafted items and pay generously for each item. You are only able to help them if they are in your home city.
This merchant will request items that can be found at festivals and pay an inflated price for them. Festivals are discussed later in this guide.
You can dig for treasure along the roads that connect the cities. To do this you must secure a spade. The items found are usually items other adventurers have lost to city thieves, but other treasures can be found that can be sold to treasure traders.
Searching the city streets can garner you some useful items. Each city room can only be searched so often before you must wait.
As with city searching this is listed here because you can obtain useful items more so than coin. These citizens will request items ranging from commodities to crafted goods and give you a reward in return.
A tinker can be found in each of the cities, usually in the market area. Tinkers will pay a small amount of coins in return for a variety of items, and always have a list of items they are looking for. These items are usually relatively easy to find, though may require you to venture outside of the city.
Every OOC Monday night an event is held at the Elysium Games arena, where you can participate in combat with strong NPCs and compete to be the most effective combatant.

Your First Excursions



These goblin bandit know how to party. First, you want to greet Leikrag. He will put you on a task. Once complete, you will want to take the item over to Juugo. He is going to give you a gift for bringing him the item. There is a third bandit up that way. Egrik will trade you cloth but he wants the finest silk cloth to begin with. So if you have silk clothing, chat with him. There is a four bandit Hugo. He seems pretty shy to me. He didn't ask for anything as the others did.

The location of this camp is across the huge river by Gralthar. If you are not good as swimming, wait til you are to visit. That river is dangereous for a new comer.

This small camp is home to a gathering of shaman that offer tests to capable adventurers. To be successful here you will need to lead a team with a varied set of skills through the mysteries that ensue.
This is a hunting grounds. Crossing a very dangereous river from Vagla, you come to a crack in the mountain and begin your journey towards the courtyard on dirt path. At the courtyard, you might run into dayase, funglas, vinarian and moslat. Moslat are going to love you and admire you. The others are killable. At the Enterance Hall, the killables become much hard to kill as a newbcomer. There you will have Fairnock. I haven't killed him yet so as a newcomer I suggest waiting to kill him. Here you will find wyscen, sklian and humock. The humock and from other killable creatures, you are going to have to remove items from them before carving them up. At the west end of the hall are Prayor, High Cleric of Astarot and hellbeast. Both I haven't tried as well as the fairnock. These are very strong killables. Going back to the Enterance Hall, you can go upstairs to find more killables. The second floor, you might find haminop, dorblin, cyclenar and blorn. May I add all have items before carving which I stated earlier, but the blorn does not. These are reasonable kills, but they move in as a pack I have found so as a newcomer, experience with your health before taking the second floor on by yourself. Now the third floor, are full of sparans. These are very hard killables. I did this a few weeks ago, by myself and struggle to kill just one for a bounty hunter request. So have good health to try to kill one of these. Somewhere upstairs is a chest; wooden, silver, and sivrite to explore. Alright, so that is the journey for anyone interested. Happy Hunting!
The legendary city in the sky will only accept peaceful explorers and expel those with violent temperaments in a most unpleasant way. The skill of Dreamsight has its origins here.


  • mysterious cottage
You enter this cottage to find a black cat and owner Meladdis Solfolok standing there. Now the cat is pretty easy enough to kill. However, that does upset the owner and she don't take your killing her cat. Killing her is a struggle but once you do, she has hidden some delicious mushroom cake and a letter. Upon reading this letter, you find a key that unlocks a trapdoor to Father Solfolok. This is not at all a easy kill. He is extremely tough. Once he is killed though you are able to get the red runed gloves mentioned in the letter. The gloves are temporary. You can wear until you leave out. How to get into the cottage is explained in the description.

More Seasoned Voyages

Expert Expeditions

The daring adventurer that makes it to this island will quickly find themselves in the middle of the eternal conflict between the orcs and elves that call it home. With choices to be made and minor mysteries to be found this island will keep even seasoned adventurers entertained.
This island is a very long voyage and is the home of Captain Niklotak and his crew after their vessel ran aground. It would be an accomplishment for any adventurer to reach this island.
The Isle of Peace is hidden far in the southern oceans, speculated as the furthest island from the mainland. It is a giant marble fortress with a number of hidden mechanisms and ancient lore fragments. The upper levels of the spires forming the isle are constantly being expanded as barriers inhibiting progress fall through mana channeling.

Other Dimensions

This area cost 500 coins to enter. It start out killing soliders to advance to the next level. The higher the level you go, the more harder the creature and demons it is to kill. Best to have a healer with you and a few friends. This is a hard task for a new player alone. Some good rewards when you make it up several levels.

This is private invite only. If you are invited, feel you are among honor to do so.