Gralnakia is a dimension which is also known as the third dimension. According to most scholars it is the third world created by the Creator, after Hades and Elysium.

The third dimension itself is inimical to the natives of Elysium, and cannot be entered directly, causing physical pain and almost instant death to anyone who finds a way to do so. It is believes to be occupied by a race of sentient people who do appear to be able to enter Elysium, at least in a fleeting manner - When in Elysium they are known as Sprites and seem to have an affinity to the forestal regions of the world, seemingly showing favour towards the elven people.

The term 'Gralnakia' was coined by the god Gralnak and his following, and others will sometimes use it to refer to the area of the third dimension which has been corrupted by the demon Karusharti to create a zone which mortals from Elysium can survive within, rather than the whole third dimension itself. It is the aim of Gralnak and his following to expand Karusharti throughout the third dimension, reshaping the world and creating a haven for Gralnak's followers. Religious lore within Gralnak's order states that the transformation of the third dimension will allow Gralnak to ascend to become the equivalent of a god in that dimension to mirror his power in Elysium and Hades.