Alaric is the newest god to these realms. He was born in the realm of gods under the sign of the Golden Dawn. And so he was named, The God of the Golden Dawn. The Creator had big plans for him, but, since Alaric was still young, he decided to test him out in a world where chaos was taking over. Elysium.

And so Alaric came to these realms. He was sent by the Creator to counter the works of Gralnak, the great Worm. His ideals are that Justice, Order, and Goodness rule the realms. And he will fight for it with all his being. But, Alaric prefers to do what the other gods have done. He wishes to work through the mortals of the realm. So, he created his order. The Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Order of the Golden Dawn is an organization of those mortals who follow the ideals of Alaric. They strive to bring Justice to those who do wrong. They work to restore Order to the realm. And, they hold Goodness as the ideal for all people. Many rejoiced at the coming of a Good god, for they gained hope that things would soon change. But, many are those who grimace at the mention of the name Alaric, for they know that they will be brought to account of their actions.