Gralnak, the Great Worm, was originally a lesser worm demon who dwelled in Hades before he became a god. For a seemingly endless time his dreams of power were crushed by his demonic siblings, until he discovered the world of Elysium. He attracted worship from some of the races there, most notably the orcs, through their demonologists, and with the power he gained through this worship and their sacrifices to him he soon gained rank among his fellow demons. After a while he was undisputed king of the demons, but this was not enough for the power hungry Gralnak. This lust for power soon led him to devise plans to dominate Elysium, source of his might, and he compelled his followers to fight non-believers, in the hopes that they would be destroyed and that his worshipers would rule the lands. After one immense battle, between his followers and those of the Elysium gods, when his armies were on the verge of destroying the other races, he was granted godhood by Zharadan, God of the Arcane, in order to stop the slaughter.

This new found power has left Gralnak stronger and more formidable than ever before, but he still seeks more power. Through the will of his followers, and the forces of chaos, he strives to dominate those who have not yet fallen before him in worship in order to weaken the position of the other gods.

Although Gralnak does still have some mortal followers, his religious order, the Brotherhood of Gralnak, is now predominantly demonic in nature.

Gralnak is the patron of Olbaron, Ruk'tan, Szagan, and Vagla