In Game Description

Damnation is the skill of cursing people with mental afflications which can both disrupt and damage your foes. A person is given no warning of the curse unless they recognise the effects, and as such the person who cursed them may often go undetected.

To curse somebody, type curse <person> with <affliction>.


Damnation is taught by The Enchanters of Shadow.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Acrophobia The fear of heights. 2
Claustrophobia The fear of enclosed spaces. 14
Clumsiness Disrupt a foes co-ordination. 3
Delirium Subject your foe to hallucinations. 3
Exertion Cause exhaustion in the active. 0
Forgetfulness Cause your foe to stumble over their spells. 54
Hysteria Make your foe hysterical when struck. 3
Inebriation Induce a reaction as if your target were drunk. 85
Insomnia Remove the ability to sleep. 0
Nyctophobia The fear of night and darkness. 2
Obsession Cause mental concentration on trivial matters. 14
Paranoia Cause paranoid fear in others. 2
Psychosis The affliction of violent temperament. 26
Repetitiveness Inflict the fault of repeating themselves on another. 26
Xenophobia The fear of strangers and foreigners. 7
Zoophobia The fear of animals. 7


Damnation is magical in the magical/physical balance.

Damnation qualifies for the Deathmagic and Puremagic higher skills.

Special Notes