The demons are creatures residing in the land called Hades, a plane of existence older than Elysium, which according to the lore of the demons themselves was created as the Creators first world.

A diverse collection, demons come in many shapes and sizes, with varying levels of intelligence and magical abilities. Some of them are simple, almost plant like creatures, while others are rivals to the denizens of Elysium and in some cases even surpass them in terms of mental capabilities.

The chaotic nature of both Hades and the demons themselves results in a large amount of violence and war amongst various demonic factions, and there is a hierarchy of titled demons and lords which rule over the hordes, with the two most powerful demonic lords thought to be the Lord of Magic and the Lord of Mind, both mysterious creatures whose identities are not currently known.

The people of Elysium can interact with demons in various ways; it is possible to journey into Hades through a number of methods, and demons may enter Elysium too; Most commonly when summoned by a mage practicing the art of Demonology.