In Game Description

With the skill of demonology, you can summon mighty demons from the planes of Hades to do tasks for you. As you rise in skill, the variety of demons you can summon will increase, as well as the number of demons you can control at any one time.

To summon a demon, type summon <demon-type>, but beware, demons have been known to turn on their masters, or even drag them through the gateway to Hades!

Many of the demons which demonologists can summon are larger, unique demons, and only one demonologist can summon them at a time.

Individual demons can be controlled with use of the 'order' command, whilst your entire horde can be controlled at once by using horde. If you just type horde on its own it will give you more details about the command.

See help order for further details.


Demonology is taught by The Dark Magi and The Demonic Knights.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Fire A warrior demon wreathed in flame. 3
Grabber A demon to grab and hold your enemy. 14
Horde Summoning your horde to your side. 7
Ice Summon a demon to hide within you and absorb fire. 2
Imp A thieving demon to relieve others of gold. 3
Ishmorok The Lord of Dementure. 26
Marbarukus The Lord of Slavery. 54
Moroknush A demon of incredible strength and endurance. 85
Nayikinus The Lord of Destruction. 26
Parasite An insectile demon who will burn your enemies from within. 14
Reaper A demon who will strip your foes of their magical protection. 7
Slime A demon who restricts movement of others. 0
Spook A demon which scares away your foes. 2
Tracker A demon to follow and report on your foe. 3
Umbra A demon who controls the darkness. 2
Warrior A strong demon to fight for you. 0


Demonology is magical in the magical\physical balance.

Demonology qualifies for the Deathmagic and Puremagic higher skills.

Special Notes

The number of demons you can control is linked to your skill level in Demonology.

Your relations with Hades influences how often summon demons will turn on you.