A typical dwarf stands only about a metre tall, yet looks a good deal older than the humans who tower over him. Their fashion is for long bushy beards, some of which are so long they need to be plaited and wrapped around their waists like belts. They are not so fond of over-hasty people, preferring to take life steadily and calmly. Dwarves are well known for their craftsmanship, and spend much of their time drinking ale and telling tales of heroic deeds. Sometimes quick to anger if slighted by an ill-mannered human, they are not averse to teaching some manners. The capital city for the dwarves is Gralthar, and they share their continent with the goblins and orcs. Gralthar is patroned by Zharadan, God of the Arcane.

(Dwarves attract those who wish to play creative characters)