Zharadan, God of the Arcane was the second of the original gods to come into being, at the hands of the Creator. His purpose was to keep balance within the land, but since then his aims have changed dramatically.

Rumours have spread across the land over the reason for this change, but the true story is unclear. All that is known is that he was granted audience with the Creator and soon after, his Order changed its name from the Sons of Judgement to the Conclave of Magi.

When the Creator returned to Elysium once more, and removed Delvanea and Astarot from the realm, many of those that once followed Astarot flocked to the Conclave of Magi for support. Now the only original God left within the realm, he intends to bring about what he claims to be the Creator's purpose for making Elysium.

Zharadan seeks to establish an Empire, one which is built by the will of the people rather than by conquest. An Empire which will span Elysium, uniting the races of the land by creating an alliance between all the cities, under the rule of the Conclave of Magi.

Any race may join Zharadan in bringing about his Order's aims, and both those who heal and those who command the undead are welcome.

The Order is now split into two groups - the newly founded Guardians of Order are those who wish to strive to build this world of peace and unity whether it be by the sword, enforcing the laws or by diplomacy.

The Conclave of Magi are a small group of Mages which Zharadan has hand picked to lead the Guardians to victory. They wear the traditional blue robes of the Conclave at all times.

With the wisdom of Elysium's best mages administrating this great alliance, it is the Order's belief that one day, Elysium's governments will work together to eliminate poverty and the need for aggression amongst the cities of the land.

To gain more information about the Order, either visit the Tower of Arcane Sorcery or talk to members of the Order.

Zharadan is the patron of Aronsol and Gralthar