In Game Description

Fellblades is the art of creating and manipulating magical swords, which can be much more effective than normal weapons when in the hands of a skilled user.

You can only use or manipulate your own fellblade - The magic in the blade is resistant to the use of others, and they will find it impossible to wield a fellblade forged by you. Fellblades bear the mark of their creator, and so you can tell who owns the blade you hold merely by examining it.

To use the abilities in fellblades, you must type fell <ability>.

The first step to creating the blade of your dreams is fell forge. This will create your magical blade. You can only make one blade at a time, but can make a new one if your old one is destroyed. When you leave Elysium, your old blade will be destroyed, and you must forge a new one when you return.

The next step is to attune your fellblade. You do this by typing fell attune. This will take a couple of minutes, and if you do anything during the process you are likely to lose your concentration and fail to attune the blade.

When your blade is attuned, it will have a certain number of charges. The number of charges your attunes add will increase as you gain in competency of the skill. These charges are used to store powers within the blade.

You invoke a power by typing fell <ability>. Each time you do this one charge will be used up. Some abilities have an instant effect, others are stored in the fellblade until they wear off. If you find you have insufficient charges to invoke an ability, you will have to attune your blade again, but beware, as any powers stored in your blade will be nullified by the attuning process, and you will have to invoke them again when you are finished.


Fellblades is taught by The Dark Magi, Devotees of the Arcane, and The Night Weavers.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Attune Prepare your fellblade for enchantment. 0
Burden Slow down your foes movement. 14
Convoke Recall a lost fellblade. 7
Flame Cause flames to issue from your fellblade. 2
Flat Stun your opponent with your strikes. 3
Forbode Dissuade creatures from attacking. 2
Forge Creates a magical fellblade. 0
Glare Release a burst of light from your blade. 7
Inspect Check the status of your fellblade. 2
Leech Draw life from another with each strike. 3
Mindlink Link your mind to your blade to manifest your hate. 85
Mortician 54
Numb Paralyse the limbs of those struck. 26
Shadow Cause terror and fear for your foes 26
Sonic Deafen those around you. 3
Sovreignty Sharpen your fellblade's edge. 14


Fellblades is magical in the magical/physical balance.

Fellblades qualifies for the Puremagic and Deathmagic higher skills.

Special Notes