In Game Description

Filidhism is the art of harnessing forestial power to both redirect this power or animate the plants around you to perform simple tasks.

At lower levels, the practitioner of Filidhism is restricted to the forests, but as you climb in skill you will learn how to bring the power of the forest along with you on your travels.


Filidhism is taught by The Forest Guardians.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Barkskin Sheath yourself in Bark. 3
Earthmelt Transport yourself into a place of safety. 85
Forestheal Harness the power of nature to heal. 2
Forestreject Ban your enemy from the forest. 7
Grovefellow Harness the natural power of small groves. 2 You can use Filidhism in any room that has a grove planted.
Keepsake Create a portable source of power. 26 You create a mossy twig that allows you to use Filidhism anywhere while carried. The twig will decay after some time.
Radialheal Spread the healing power of nature. 14
Regeneration Use the power of nature to constantly heal. 54
Spinehail Shower spines at your foes. 3
Staunch Bind your wounds with healing energy. 14
Stimulate Feed the growth of nearby herbs. 0
Sweetsap Summon a cloud of stinging insects. 7
Tremble Shake the roots to create a quake. 0
Vine Pull someone to you with a vine. 2
Vinetie Entrap someone in vines. 26
Wither Destroy the herbs of another. 3


Filidhism is magical in the magical/physical balance.

Filidhism qualifies for the Nature and Puremagic higher skills.

Special Notes

Filidhism is weaker when used outside of forest terrain.