Guild promotion

As a member of a guild, you will have a guild rank. It can be seen by typing status, and tells you how much influence you have within your guild.

Each guild has different names for the guild ranks, so there is no master list which you can compare yours against. However, to gain a list of the ranks within your guild, type guildstatus.

The first rank, which you are at when you first join a guild, will be a period of apprenticeship. Your status within the guild is one of a newcomer, and the guild will closely be watching your actions so that you act within the rules and do not in any way bring the guild's reputation down. To do so will usually be immeditate expulsion from the guild.

After a period of time, the guildhead (which is the top rank), will initiate you as a proper member of the guild. You will be raised to guild rank 2, and you should expect to take more responsibility in the guild's activities. In some cases initiation may be carried out by the assistant to the guildhead.

Gaining rank in the future will be alot slower, for members of guild rank 3 are trusted members of the guild, and trust comes with time. To get to guild rank 3, you should try to gain as much respect as possible from your fellow guild members, who will then nominate you for promotion. Once at guild rank 3, the process of promotion is pretty much the same for gaining rank 4. Members of the guild with rank 4 are often the elite of the profession they teach, and take a very active role in the guild.

Those of guild rank 4 or above may nominate members for promotion. You may nominate a member for promotion by typing NOMINATE <member name>. The assistant to the guild head can also nominate, even if they have not personally achieved rank 4. Aside from the assistant and those of guild rank 4, the guild tutor can also nominate. You can befriend the tutor by typing befriend tutor in their presence. If you do this often enough, you can later try to request nomination from them.

After a week, those which have been nominated will be candidates for the election which takes place for a promotion. The election takes place over a week also, and you may see the candidates for the current week's election and the nominees for the next by typing guildstatus.

Guild members of rank 2 and above may vote for those who are standing as candidates. Each rank has an equal sized vote, and may cast their vote by typing VOTE GUILDRANK <candidate name>. At the end of the week, the candidate with the most votes will get closer to gaining a promotion. Once the candidate has won enough guildrank elections, they will be promoted. The amount of elections you need to win depends upon what guildrank you wish to achieve. Guildmembers may be able to give you more information on the number for each rank.

You should only vote for a guild member who you feel deserves promotion. Remember, if they get to be guild master, they are responsible for the running of your guild. So do not be pressurised into voting for anybody, since it may be your guild as a whole which suffers when a weak guildhead is elected into power.

Guild members of rank 4 may challenge the guildhead over his position as head of the guild. To do this type challenge guildhead. Remember, you do not want to challenge unless you are reasonable sure you will win. For if you do not, you will have the wrath of the guildhead upon you!

Only challenge when you feel that you could do a better job than the current guildhead. Although it may look like a powerful position, by being a bad guildmaster, you can easily gain a very bad reputation as a weak leader. Once challenged, there will be an election lasting for a week during which guild members of rank 3 and above can vote for either you, the guildhead, or anyone else who may be challenging the guildhead at the time. To vote for a candidate in the guildhead elections type vote guildhead <candidate name>.