Guilds within Elysium are a collection of people who are interested in similar arts - whether they be thievery or sorcery. Grouped together within a building, they form a protective circle of people who, lead by one individual often called the guild head, will try to bring about as much influence as possible for its members in the outside world.

The current guilds in Elysium are:

  1. Forest Guardians
  2. Dark Magi
  3. Night Weavers
  4. The Knight's Guild
  5. The Rouge's Guild
  6. Devotees of the Arcane
  7. The Sorcerers of Light
  8. The Artisan's Guild
  9. Mercenary's Guild
  10. Demonic Knights
  11. Enchanters of Shadow
  12. The Thieves Guild
  13. The Warrior's Guild
  14. The Alchemist's Guild
  15. The Bard's Guild
  16. The Rangers

There are a variety of commands you can use to interact with guilds and guild members. Once you join a guild you will need to progress through its ranks to learn the guild's most powerful abilities.