The hamakei are the second oldest race in the known realm, being beaten only by the elves. The hamakei have never been interested in expanding their lands and have spent their entire existence researching into the realms of magic. If it were not for the hamakei, many doubt that the other races would have magic at all! Therefore, most magic-users have a lot of respect for the hamakei. hamakei are on average about 5 feet tall and look like vultures, and from their time of birth they look like they're already half way through their life. The hamakei are a peaceful race, although few dare attack the one remaining habitat for the hamakei - since you never know what a hamakei might have ready...

Aronsol is the capital city of the hamakei, and they share their continent with the humans, spawn and elves.

The patron of Aronsol is Zharadan, God of the Arcane.

(The hamakei are for those who wish to play quiet characters, concentrating heavily upon the magical arts)