Help city

There are 9 cities spread over the continents of Elysium. Each one is governed by players, and is home to the many legendary guilds of Elysium.

Mainly composed of the race of their founders, cities are not one-race societies however, so don't be surprised if you find a family of Elves living within the walls of Karinthia.

Listed below are the cities which fly the banner as the homelands of the races associated with them.

You may see a map of any of the above cities by typing help <cityname>map

So, for example, help szaganmap would give you a map of Szagan.

You may see which players online belong to your city at any time by typing cwho - which stands for citizen-who. You may also take a look at a list of all the players who still belong to your city, whether online or not, by typing listcitizens. The top half of the list shows active citizens. These are the citizens who have been online in the past 30 days. Beneath are the dormant citizens, who may be either temporarily away or have stopped visiting Elysium.

citystatus gives you information about the current status of your city, such as who is the Emperor, the tax rate, and discount given to those liked. It will also display whether a revolution is underway, the current population of the city, the city's general morale, and whether it is at war.

Each player in Elysium is viewed in a different way by each city.

By typing relations, you may see which cities dislike or like you. If a city likes you, it is likely to give you discounts in its shops, and its inhabitants are more likely to welcome you. The opposite is true for cities which dislike you. The shopkeepers will deliberately charge you more for their goods, and word may even spread about your arrival in the city should you be a city enemy, or disliked enough.

If the city's discount is set to 5%, then those liked by the city will get a 5% discount on all goods sold there, while those loved will get a 10% discount. Those who are disliked are charged 5% more, while those who are hated will not even be able to buy anything from that city.

By typing rwho you may see a list of all those players currently playing who are at either extreme of the relations spectrum, with regards to your city's feelings. So, it will list those loved and those hated by your city. It is likely that those hated are hated for a reason, so treat them with disdain should you meet them, to teach them the consequences of their actions.

You may view a list of mortals who are regarded as enemies of the state by typing 'cityenemy list'. These people have been branded by the Minister of Justice as criminals.

diplomatic status <cityname> gives you the feelings of cities towards other cities. If you enter a city which is at war with your city, you will be denied service at market stalls.

Commodities, such as wood, granite and flour may be stored within your city's city warehouse by any citizen of your city. To do this type store <commodity> while in your city's warehouse. Ask the Ministers of your city if you are unsure where this is.