This is the raw output of the command "help newbie". Some of the information is quite out of date.

Newbies In Elysium * Welcome to the lands of Elysium! When you first log on, you will gain the assistance of a guide.

The guide will appear in the form of whatever race you chose, so from the very beginning, you will get a taste of the feelings of the people within your race. If, for some reason, you lose this guide, you may type 'guide' to bring him back to your location, and if he no longer wishes to help you, it will summon a new one.

To communicate with people within Elysium, type 'tell <player> <message>' and they will receive a private message from you, or you could 'shout <message>' and everyone within Elysium would hear your message.

To show emotion, you can type commands such as smile, grin, frown, sigh, sniff, nod and shake These will display appropriate messages to all those in your location, to convey your feelings. If you wish to target your emotions at any particular individual, you can add a player's name to the end of the emotion, such as 'smile Oudreas'.

Upon entering Elysium, you start in the home city of your race. To see who else belongs to this city, type 'cwho' (short for citizen who). They should be the first people you should go to if you need assistance.

If you wish to see your current condition, type 'status'. This will list your health, mana, city, order, guild and many more things...

At first, your entire inventory - which can be viewed by typing 'inv' - will contain only a lit torch. One of your first tasks upon entering Elysium should be to find the city's shop, so that you can purchase food, water and a lantern.

Fortunately, each city has seen to it so that the first 10 meals and drinks that a newcomer needs are given to him free, but that shouldn't stop you saving up money early on, so that you can afford to survive later on!

To see a map of your city, type 'help <city name>map' i.e. 'help tylorusmap' if you like in Tylorus. This will show you the basic layout of the city. The shops are likely to be on a road which suggests trade of some kind. You can recognize a shop when you enter the same location as one by seeing a fat merchant eyes you up and down

Type 'goods' and you will get a list of the items that the shop sells. If a particular item takes you fancy, such as a barrel of water, then type 'goods barrel' to see how many the shop has in stock, and the price for the barrel.

When you have some money, you can type 'buy <item>' or 'buy <item id number>' if you want to be specific.

Let's find some money now.

Upon your continent there are quests which give you money as a reward. The best way to get gold as a newbie is to find the tinker which resides within each city. Once you have found him, type 'greet tinker' and he will ask you to retrieve three items for him. Each time you bring him one of those items he will give you 30 gold.

Many non-player characters (NPCs) within Elysium, such as the tinker, respond to the 'greet <npc name>' command. Upon greeting them, you will be informed whether there is anything you can do for them.

All of the items can be easily found either within the city's Academy (which you will have been in if you followed the newbie guide (type 'guide' to summon a new one if you wish)) or just outside the city gates.

If you are asked to retrieve a pine cone, or a cherry seed or something similar, then you will want to search out a tree which grows these items. Once the appropriate grove of trees has been found (i.e. you'd find pine cones in a pine grove) then you should type 'pick seed'.

Once you have the item that the tinker asked you to get for him, then return to the tinker and type 'give <item name> to tinker' to receive your reward.

Another way is to kill creatures outside the city gates, and carve their corpses into carcasses which can be sold to a city to feed their populace. To attack a creature, type 'hit <creature name>' as many times as is required to kill it. Hitting is a weak attack, and so you should only attempt to kill creatures which look quite small and harmless i.e. do not attempt to kill a small wyvern, for the odds of you winning such a fight would be very small indeed. You will learn more potent attacks once you join a guild.

Once the creature is dead, type 'carve' to carve the creature's corpse into carcasses, and take the carcasses. With the carcass slung over your shoulder, you should try to find the tradesman in any city (preferably your own city). The tradesman is an NPC who purchases commodities, such as carcasses, from you if the city who owns him is willing to buy them.

Once you have found him, you may type 'goods' to list what he is buying and selling, and for what price. If he is not purchasing carcasses then type 'shout Who wishes to purchase carcasses from me?'. You are likely to get a response from someone high up in one of the cities.

If you're selling through a player, rather than the NPC, make sure you have quite a few carcasses (at least 10), otherwise it would not be worth their time purchasing such a small amount from you, if they have to travel far to reach you.

Other people you meet may be able to tell you of more ways to make money. There are various quests which are more difficult, yet give you larger amounts of money in return.

To eat any food you have purchased, say a steak, then you simply type 'eat steak' and to drink from a barrel full of water type 'drink from barrel'. Once you have a source of income, you will want to join a guild. It is within a guild that you learn a profession. Type 'help guilds' and 'guildlist' to find out more about how guilds work, and for a list of the guilds available respectively. Typing 'help guildlist' will give you a list of guilds which have further information available about them.

You should approach the guildmaster of the guild you are interested in, and ask him some questions about it. The guild you chose is not permanent, yet will influence the way you act and do things in the future... it is not a decision to be made up on the spot. If the guildmaster is not online (type 'who' to see who is online) then you might wish to either wait for them, or mail them by typing 'mail <guildmaster name>'. Mailing costs 10 gold pieces, and the instructions on how to use it are explained once you type the command.

As the guide explains, if you ever get stuck and need assistance, type 'ask oracle <message>' where <message> is the question you wish to ask.

Elysium is a roleplaying game, and as such you will be required to roleplay your character. That means no shouts about what is on TV and no shouts containing the lyrics to your favorite song. You should read the help file for your particular race and decide what you would like to accomplish in Elysium and then roleplay towards that goal. Act like your race. If you are a Goblin, be cunning. If you are an Orc, be aggressive. When you join a guild, and possibly a religious order, your roleplaying fun will increase. Do not take things personally here - roleplay and you will enjoy your time a lot more.