Elysium is a roleplaying mug, unless you are prepared to roleplay you have no place here. If you expect to be taken seriously, you must roleplay. Roleplay is easy to master, it is easiest to relate it to the theatre, Elysium being the stage and you the actor. To start with it is best if you have some idea of the background of your character and their temperament. For example your character could be from a peasant family of Karinthia, your parents could have been slain by the followers of Gralnak.

This would mean you would probably have a great hatred for the Demon Worm's followers, it might also mean you are overwhelmed should any nobles talk to you.

Make sure you choose a character you want to play and try and remain true to that character at all times, the more interesting the character you make the more interesting others will find you. You must also respect the other characters around you and the roles they play, for example, if Astarot appears before you then imagine how your character would feel if an all-powerful God appeared before them, they would certainly not insult him to his face.

Before you attack someone, ask yourself would your character really attack this person - what reasons would you have for doing so? You would not often see a member of Gralnak's Order within a tavern, laughing over jugs of ale with a member of Alaric's Order. The same goes for the various guilds - a member of the Knight's Guild would probably not want to be seen associating with a thief.

Think about how lawful your character would be - would he respect his city's power system, or would he attempt to undermine his superiors in an attempt to grab at power himself?

As well as making for a better game, good roleplaying will be rewarded by the Gods.

  • Create a background for your character

* Always react to situations in-character * Respect other's roleplaying

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