Rotting plant demon

Rotting Plant Demon

This demon looks like a bushy plant, although an exceptionally large one, and when it unfurls you see it has a wooden core and branch-like arms, whilst its 'legs' are a carpet of wriggling pale white roots which can push it along the floor. The dark purple leaves of the demon are brown at the edge, and several of them have holes and dark spots dotted over them. The bark on the demon's wooden parts is also damaged in places, with a foul smelling cream coloured liquid dribbling from the gaps.


Demonic Study Complex


Demonic creature

Normal corpse

Combat Abilities

Strength Unknown

Health Unknown

The creature uses a mental attack as well as an acid attack.

Equipment and Loot

This creature does not use or wear any equipment in combat.

When killed, this creature leaves no loot.

Special Notes