In Game Description

Swordplay is the mainstay of knights and other warriors. Though its name suggests that it is purely for the use of swords, most abilities within this skill will improve your competency with any sharp edged weapon.

Swordplay is a purely offensive skill - If you are not out to kill, this isn't the skill for you. Of course, there are abilities which use a sword in manners not designed for killing, but these are a very minor part of the skill.


Swordplay is taught by The Demonic Knights, Knight's Guild, The Rangers, The Thieves Guild and The Warrior's Guild


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Chop Swing your weapon with a chopping motion. 0
Combo Slash with your right hand and chop with your left. 14
Dchop Chop at an opponent with weapons in both hands. 3
Disembowl Stab into your foe's belly. 26
Dslash Slash at someone twice, once with each hand. 7
Flay Open a bleeding wound in your opponent's skin. 14
Frenzy Chop violently at all in range. 2
Grip Grip your weapon firmly so it cannot be disarmed. 85
Jab Poke someone with the tip of your weapon. 2
Leftparry Parry incoming blows with your left wielded weapon. 26 -
Neckchop Chop at an opponent's neck in an attempt to cut their throat. 54
Parry Parry incoming blows with your right wielded weapon. 2
Slash Swing your blade hard at an opponent. 0
Slice Skuce your blade deep into someone's flesh. 7
Swordspin Swing in an arc, slicing your blade at everyone near. 3
Upslash Swing your blade at an opponent's eyes. 3


Swordplay is physical in the magical/physical balance.

Swordplay qualifies for the Physical higher skill.

Special Notes

While the skill is designed for use with swords, other weapon types may be used as well. The chopping abilities in the skill work better with axe type weapons.