Valgrannar may refer to an orcish tribe, a ruined town, or an ancient battle.

The Valgrannar tribe was a nomadic tribe of Orcs which once roamed the countryside of Occid.

Existing for a few hundred years before the orc shaman Nishgar began chieftain of the Valgrannar, the tribe is now mostly known as the birthplace of the Brotherhood of Gralnak, whom Nishgar was the first mortal follower of.

Under Nishgar's chieftainship, the tribe settled in a system of caves which are now commonly known as Valgrannar. To this day, when you ask a denizen of Elysium what Valgrannar is, they are likely to direct you to these caves and the ruined town that sits within it.

The plains outside these caves became the battleground for the 'Battle of Valgrannar', during which Gralnak ascended to godhood at the end of a huge battle between armies from across the whole of Elysium.