One of the original three deities of Elysium, originally known as Nectanebus, the God of Panoply. In this original format, the god was intended to protect the weak, however they soon turned to darker objectives, fostering the Hakarren Empire from its humble beginnings to world changing and unrivaled power.

Delvanea was also the source of many of the dark magical arts, planting the seeds of how to develop them in the minds of her followers, most famously the art of Fellblades.

In her most modern incarnation Delvanea was known as the Goddess of Shadows, and her followers were represented by the symbol of an eye.

In the 1500's, the Creator briefly returned to Elysium to take Astarot to one of his later creations, and discovered how far she had strayed from the original path set out for the God of Panoply. As a result, Delvanea was banished by the Creator to some unknown dimension, from which she has never returned. Her departure led to the creation of the Cult of Shadows.

She is known for the creation of a series of islands and the strange creatures which live on them to the east of the main continents, which were hidden by a thick mist while she was present in Elysium, but which have been gradually revealed as those mists retreat back to the east.

Delvanea's angels reside in the Place of Shadows, a sub dimension either created by or occupied by Delvanea during her time as Goddess of Shadows. This place has fallen into ruin without her power to hold it together, and the Cult of Shadows has made it their mission to rebuild and restore this place.