In Game Description

Augnecromancy is the extension of Necromancy, allowing the users to further improve on their undead creations.



Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Augspectre Give strength to spectres. 2
Augwraith Give strength to a wraith to endure more magic. 14
Augzombie Give strength to your zombies. 2
Bonespike Give strength to skeletons or bonesteeds. 2
Bonewyvern Construct a wyvern from parts of skeletons. 3
Deathwing Combine an augmented bonesteed and an undead wyvern into a winged mount. 14
Earthviolate Summon a corpse from beneath the ground. 3
Fiendliche Combine a fiend and a liche to grant your liche invisibility. 7
Fleshmerge Combine two cadavers to make a more powerful one. 7
Ghastliche Combine a ghast and a liche to improve your liches magics. 54
Ghouldaver Combine a ghoul and a cadaver to give your cadaver speed. 3
Possession 85
Soulfeed Feed on the soul of an ethereal, to sustain your body. 26
Spiritmerge Merge a ghost into another undead to protect it from magic. 26
Yumifine Summon lost undead to your side. 0
Zakarra Probe weakly protected undead nearby. 0


Augnecromancy counts as a magical skill for magical/physical balance.

Augnecromancy qualifies for the Puremagic and Deathmagic higher skills.

Special Notes

Augnecromancy requires Necromancy to be of any substantial value to the user.