In Game Description

The art of converting dead flesh and bone into undead creatures, this skill allows Necromancers to raise two types of undead creature, ethereal ghosts and shambling corpses. Both types can be bent to the Necromancers will.


Necromancy is taught by The Dark Magi and The Night Weavers guilds.


Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Fiend Create a warrior undead who can hide from view. 14
Fireshadow Wreathe a zombie in flame. 7
Ghast Summon an ethereal undead to drain your enemies mentally. 7
Ghost Summon an ethereal being to scare your foes. 0
Ghoul Create a fast moving undead warrior. 3
Poltergheist Summon a long dead spirit to harass your foes. 14
Shade Bring a darkened spirit into the world. 2
Skeleton Strip the flesh from a zombie for increased endurance. 2
Spectre Bring forth an etheral warrior. 3
Spook Summon an undead messenger. 2
Steed Create an undead mount. 3
Zombie Create an undead slave. 0
Phantom Summon an ethereal being to confuse the senses of your enemies. 26
Liche Imbune a corpse with the spirit of a magical undead. 54
Cadaver Enlarge and strengthen a corpse into a mighty undead. 26
Wraith Summon an ethereal who can absorb magics. 85


This skill group is a pre-requisite to Augnecromancy.

Necromancy is magical in magical/physical balance.

Necromancy qualifies for the deathmagic or puremagic higher skills.

Special Notes

The number of undead you can control depends on how skilled you are at Necromancy.