There are many cities throughout Elysium, including imperial capitals, smaller independent cities and ruins.

The main capitals on Polaris are Karinthia, home of the Humans, Tylorus, home of the Elves, Aronsol, home of the Hamakei and Szagan, home of the Spawn. You may also wish to visit the smaller city of Ketarin.

On Occid you can visit the capital of the Orcs, Ruk'tan, the capital of the Goblins, Vagla, or the capital of the Dwarves Gralthar.

The continent of Orien has the Cyclops capital Olbaron and the Specter capital Thul'Mar, as well as the ruined city Breth'Nul.

There are many things you can do in cities, such as visiting Holiday Festivals or Food Festivals.