Sentient races

Sentient Races of Elysium

The world of elysium is home to many different types of creature, both mundane and magical in nature - But beneath the gods, it is ruled over by nine sentient races.

On the continent of Polaris, four species make their home; The expansive humans, who congregate in the eastern city of Karinthia; The nature loving elves, occupying the Tylorean Forests; The wise and magic obsessed Hamakei, whose capital city Aronsol sits in the Aronsolian deserts; and the chaotic Spawn, who reside in the sprawling city of Szagan to the west.

The continent of Occid hosts three more species; The two greenskin races of the Orcs and the Goblins live on the southern edges of the continent, whilst the hardy Dwarves live in and around the ice bound mountainous city of Gralthar.

The smallest continent, Orien, is the home of the Specter, an arrogant race whose ancestors once ruled over all of Elysium from their capital Thul'Mar; and the Cyclops, a race of one-eyed giants whose peaceful nature has been subverted by the harsh realities of life under the rule, or threat of rule, of their neighbours and given them a barbarian warriour culture.