The Elysium Brotherhood

The Elysium Brotherhood was an alliance of races under the banner of the god Astarot, founded in opposition to the resurgence of the Hakarren Empire in the second century after its original fall.

The Brotherhood only lasted for a few years, long enough for them to help liberate Olbaron and the Cyclopean lands from the Hakarren. They looked set to crush the forces of the Empire at the Hakarren capital Thul'Mar, but were betrayed by the Orcs, who had up until this time formed the military backbone of the Brotherhood.

This betrayal prevented the fall of Thul'Mar, and caused the Brotherhood as a whole to be dissolved.

Despite its short lived life, the Elysium Brotherhood had a massive effect on the history of Elysium, changing the course of the world.

Although the Orc leaders did not explain their actions, modern thinking looks towards the insidious growth of Gralnak worship within the Brotherhood; Though the Great Worm had not ascended to godhood at the time, he had contacted the orc shaman Nishgar centuries earlier, and worship of the demon amongst the orcs had spread ever since. Modern theologians speculate that Gralnak's following later becoming known as the Brotherhood of Gralnak was a deliberate way to mock the earlier Brotherhood which the Great Worm may have undermined.