Hakarren Empire

The Hakarren Empire was the largest and most powerful empire which was ever seen in Elysium, existing for over nine thousand years and covering almost the entire world at its peak.

Ruling the world from their thrones on Orien, the Hakarren Emperors followed the religion of Delvanea for all but the first few years of the Empire, and the Hakarren spread their influence across Elysium like a dark shadow.

At its very peak, with only a few tiny pockets of resistance where other races ruled themselves, the two gods Astarot and Zharadan joined forces against their dark sister and weakened the physical form of the Hakarren, who had enjoyed an advantage in most physical aspects since their original creation by the Creator, who had made them tougher and stronger than other races, with perhaps the natural strength of a Cyclops the only comparison, though the Cyclops were slower and less clever than the Hakarren.

Within months of this weakening, the Empire collapsed, the other races rising up and striking down the Hakarren who had for millenia relied on their superiority to dominate others.

The impact of the Hakarren Empire on the world was so complete that even today, the years are marked by how many have passed since the Empire was struck down.

In the following two centuries after the fall, the Hakarren did try to rebuild their Empire, taking control once more of the continent of Orien and subjugating the Cyclops once more. The world responded to this threat with the formation of The Elysium Brotherhood, an alliance of all other races backed by the god Astarot.

This new threat encouraged the Hakarren to focus on sorcery rather than physical strength, and this new focus managed to slow down the allies as they advanced through the new Empire, but did not seem sufficient, with the Brotherhood laying siege to Thul'Mar, the final city of the Hakarren people.

Despite this, the Empire still managed to hang on - The Orcs who were part of the Brotherhood betrayed their allies at the last minute, destroying the allies main forces and causing the alliance to dissolve.

Regardless of their survival, the Empire found the lands which had been conquered by the Brotherhood newly reinforced, with Dwarven engineers having built temporary fortifications in the now Cyclopean lands which the Hakarren found it difficult to take back.

It took another hundred and fifty years after the dissolution of the Brotherhood before the Hakarren Empire was able to start expansion once more, the dwarven fortifications having crumbled over the decades since the dwarves retreated.

Within a couple of years of taking control of the outer lands of the Cyclops, the Hakarren conquered Olbaron once more, and sent ships and flying beasts across the oceans, powered by unnatural winds and dark powers which they had gathered since their new focus on magical arts.

With this new threat, the god Astarot finally saw that the Hakarren would continue to conquer the world and lay waste to the civilisations of the other peoples of Elysium, and that simply beating them back was only a temporary measure. Instead, he banished the Hakarren people into a different dimension, turning their now powerful magics against them and trapping them away from Elysium - The cities and fortresses of the Hakarren were left entirely empty, with every single member of the species banished to a world where they were the only sentient creatures.

With this act, the Hakarren Empire was finally killed - Though the Hakarren would return centuries later, they would be even more weakened by their time in the other dimension, and would become known as the Specter people.