Elysium Help System

NEWBIE - lists information of use to newbies. ROLEPLAY - vital information on roleplaying in Elysium. COMMANDS - complete list of commands within Elysium. SKILLS - help on skills. GUILDS - information on guilds. CITIES - lists all the cities and gives brief info about them. EMPEROR - gives you commands you can issue as an Emperor. MINISTRIES - lists information on all city ministries. GODS - lists all deities of Elysium and gives a brief description of each God. RACES - lists all races of Elysium and gives brief info about them. IDEAS - help on making suggestions. BUGS - help on reporting bugs. SHOPS - information on purchasing goods, and owning a shop. INDUSTRY - gives a brief description of the industry mechanics. COMBAT - information about combat in Elysium. BB - help on the Elysium tome of communication, also known as the BB. DEBATING - information on the debating system. THEME - a selection of theme based help files. SWIMMING - information on swimming. CALENDAR - lists the Elysium months. AFFLUENCE - information on the affluence system. TIMELINE - a brief history of the world. TERMS - Terms of Play. PAYMENT - information on how to buy credits. WIKI - A place to find further help. RULES - the rules of Elysium.